Angela “Andi” Loveday is a seasoned entrepreneur, business owner, adventurer, humanist, spiritual enthusiast, animal lover and serial blogger.
With a work history focused on client relations, Andi’s real passion has always been the human connection. “A breath of fresh air. Her gift is her heart,” and from the heart is where Andi seeks to discover the gap between each and every potential connection; an idea waiting to be had, a voice hoping to be heard, or a brand trying to connect with their audience.
Andi currently spends her time in Denver, CO.
More info at This Is 40 and About.Me
“No legacy is so rich as honesty.” – William Shakespeare
Keeping it simple…
The word naked means exposed and vulnerable. 
The root of the word honest is honor.
Naked Honest is about honoring (loving) our vulnerabilities as well as our strengths.
Naked Honest is a lifestyle focused on conscious living. Not living perfectly, but simply making progress. Because perfection is not real. Because perfection is fragile. Because progress is human.
Here’s to a life well lived; to honoring the highest, truest, whole version of ourselves and others.
Cheers. Namaste. And, all the good stuff!