Naked Honest

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NAKED HONEST is a lifestyle blog, my public journal of sorts, focused on transforming rockbottom, ground zero and starting from scratch into a life well loved.

The NAKED HONEST truth is that we are all a little divine and a little fucked up (a.k.a. human – flaws, weaknesses, shortcomings, challenged)

Acknowledging our light and ignoring our shadows is the path of the pious. Acknowledging our light as well our shadows is the path of self-awareness. But, building a relationship with our light as well as our shadows is the path of lasting change.

If we don’t learn how to wholeheartedly hurt then how can we ever learn how to wholeheartedly experience love, joy and happiness?

My life is a LIFE IN PIECES and the way I’ve learned to embrace that, is by LOVING IT WHOLE.

Writer, entrepreneur, humanist, adventurer & blogger; Andi now lives in Denver, CO. For more information on Andi and to follow her story visit FacebookTwitterPinterestInstagramGoogle, or About Me.