I Believe (Thinking Out Loud)

Despite opinions, I’m not fearless, I don’t consider myself particularly smart, and I don’t believe in luck.

I do believe in hard work. I believe in the energy of kindness. I believe a smile is a very powerful weapon against doubt and fear. And, I believe in love. Not the kind of love that makes you swoon, but the uncomfortable kind. The kind that is more concerned with someone else’s happiness than the sacrifice in letting go of a little of your own comforts.

More than anything though, I believe in appreciation; at my lowest appreciation has made me feel richer than some of the wealthiest people I know.

No, I don’t believe any of my beliefs make me a good person. That’s ridiculous. God help me if I ever settle for good while there is still the capacity within me for better.

The things I believe in, however, do make me a happy person and that has been my goal all along.

I believe in happiness.




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