I Am. I Choose…

Original Source: A close friend text me this in a time of anxiety. The below version is slightly edited.

I Choose Peace. It does not mean that there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and calm in my heart.

I Am Grounded. I am rooted into the earth, connected to all things. Like a tree, my arms extend to the universe. I am planting seeds of abundance and constantly growing from within.

I Am Kind, But Not Weak. I understand that those who are cruel are suffering on the inside and are merely a cry for help. I take heed but I will not enable bad behavior. I teach the laws of love.

I See the Bigger Picture. I understand that each one of us have our own burdens to bare, fulfilling our contractual agreements, gifted and bestowed upon us for our souls evolution.

I Am Empathetic. I feel deeply, but I am not weak. I stand strong in my conviction and my inner wisdom.

I Am a Mirror. I place mirrors energetically around me, so that what others give, they get. If they send love, it reflects love back to them and if they send toxicity, they receive their own toxic waste.

I Will Not Be Manipulated, Orchestrated or Controlled. May the white light of the Creator always surround and protect me. May nothing but good come to me. May nothing but good come from me. For all this I am thankful, for every lesson and blessing.

I Am Love. I Am Loved. I Choose Love. In all truth and pureness within my heart, I am grateful for my journey and will walk my path with joy and truth in my heart.

With Love,

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